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Welcome to our new look and a bit about us!
July 12, 2019 Post by Caris Letchford
Let's turn the clock back to 2009 to Durham City in Northern England, House of Isabella was launched by husband and wife team Richard & Stephanie, born out of their passion for interiors, architecture and design. 
Why buffets, sideboards & consoles are so important in your home
July 12, 2019 Post by Caris Letchford

Buffets, sideboards and consoles have many uses besides they are great for storage. They add sophistication and class to a living or dining room. The size and style does need consideration to fit and be suitable for the space.   Zone living and dining  If the living/dining area is rectangular and the layout requires the back of your couch in view, consider placing a large buffet against the back of the couch. This will create definition between the living and dining space as well as disguise the couch back should this be unattractive. Add to the theme of the home...

Top 7 Tips in Proportioning Your Living Room
July 02, 2019 Post by Caris Letchford

A well planned living room will immediately make your space feel devised and calming.  Utilise the most of living room using these tips on sizing and proportions of sofas, art, furniture and decor. Layout of furniture The positioning of your sofas and chairs are important in relation to windows and walls. Try not to place large furniture against a window. If you find you need to place a sofa in front of a window due to lack of space or power points, leave a walkway space behind the sofa. If this is not achievable, solid curtains can create a wall...

Finessing your French Country Home
June 24, 2019 Post by Caris Letchford

No matter where you reside, tuck yourself away in a French cottage with these effortless details to enhance your period home. Bring natural and ornate features into your interior to resonate an authentic, cosy, rustic charm.   Architectural & Period Details Ensuring the tones of the house stay warm and neutral will bring the cosy feel of a country estate. Rustic features such as worn walls, exposed brick or even a lime wash strip the interior back in time. The time period can also be emulated through architectural features such as arches, corbels, pillars and posts. These can be used...

Add Accents to Your Bedroom Through Illumination
June 24, 2019 Post by Caris Letchford

Lighting tends to be somewhat forgotten when it comes to finishing a bedroom. We tend to focus more on the furniture, bedding and styling of the room, however lighting is important in connecting the space with the intended style and vibe. Create your mood with the below lighting ideas.   Wall Lights Wall lights are a not only a space saver to your besides, they add a features to walls. This is great for drawing attention to a statement bedhead or casting shadows over textured walls. Wall lights can become a design feature in itself. If you’re planning to install wall...